If you’ve read the DebVisDic documentation you can skip this section and head directly to Noun class (ngeli) , If not, follow along.

The main window has two panels, one on the left listing the dictionaries and another on the right, which is an empty panel that its main role is to receive the selected dictionaries by the user. The two panels are adjacently separated by two buttons.

  1. Add> button -> Once a dictionary has been selected on the left panel, it adds the selected dictionary on the right panel. One can add as many dictionaries as possible.

  2. <Remove button -> removes dictionary from the right panel, basically we are removing it from the list of dictionaries we want to work with.

The below image shows the number of dictionaries that is currently available, you can select any to load into the right panel…. for our case we chose Swahili.

Alternative text

Once selected we click on the Add button to add it in the right panel. The results are shown in the below image

dictionary added to the right panel

Below the panels are two buttons:

  1. Open dictionaries -> open the selected dictionaries in a new window.

new dictionary window

NB: DebVisDic will open a new window based on the number of added dictionaries on the right panel

  1. Help -> leads you to documentation i.e. how to add sysnsets, editing sysnsets and relations.