Registration and Configuration

Once you’ve familiarize yourself with wordnet and its lexicon and semantic relations, its now time to start contributing. Follow the steps below to start contributing

Step 1:
First create an account at DEBVisDic using the the online form register , under Affiliation write Aitess.
NB: it is highly advisable to go through the provided manual at read manual to learn more about DEBVisDic and its tools
Step 2:
You will receive an email from DEB Server. The mail has Czesh and English language, open the mail and scroll to where you can see Dear user or when your able to read the langauge as shown in the image below.
main window
Step 3:
Send us an email to contact indicating your name, username and email address in the body of the mail as per DEBVisDic registration. Make sure your email has a subject either, ie Contribute.
Step 4:
We will send you an email including the necessary links to start contributing, Or once you receive the email you can head straight to editor to start contributing.
Step 5:
Once you’ve logged in, you should see the below window
main window The 2 wordnet seen will only be available if you've sent as your details and we've added you as one of the contributors, in cases where you did not mail us you will only see English wordnet. Kindly email us at `contact <>`_  incase of any difficulties.
NB Working with DEBVisDic requires permission to open popup, unfortunately Chrome and Mozilla block popup by default, to enable popup follow the below instructions
1. open browser menu (on the top right corner)
2. click Settings
3. go to Privacy & security → Content
4. under Permission, click Exceptions
5. type: → Allow → Save Changes

1. open browser menu (on the top right corner)
2. click Settings
3. on the search bar, search pop-up
4. locate ‘site setting’ on the search results and click on it
5. head to pop-up and redirect
6. click on ‘Add’ and type → Done

microsoft edge
1. open browser (on the top right corner)
2. click the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner of the browser
3. navigate to Settings
4. then Cookies and Site Permissions → Pop-ups and Redirects →untoggle “Block.”
5. click on ‘Add’ and type