Adding relations

Based on the method of expand approach, some words may have a direct hypernym in both English and Kiswahili, for instance the word mother, its hypernym is parent, when translated to swahili, the word mama its hypernym is mzazi which is the swahili translation of the word parent but in some cases while expanding from wordnet this wont be the case. As much as we are expanding from English Wordnet we are also trying as much as possible to maintain Swahili lexiac richness. For example the word ‘hekima’ a swahili word which when translated to English is wisdom, In wordent:1 its hypernym is content:5, cognitive content:1, mental object:1 but that is not the hypernym of ‘hekima’, its hypernym is maarifa which is evident in its definition maarifa yaliyopatika kutokana na uzoefu wa muda mrefu from the oxford dictionary. In most cases hypernym of a word may be found by looking at its defination though this mostly applies to noun words. NB Care should be taken while adding relations to synsets.

relations on verbs

Hypernyms in most cases are applied to nouns, usually its always category or genre of something but in verbs when looking at hypernym dont look for category especially in Swahili language rather check on ways ‘namna ya’ i.e in swahili karanga is another way of ‘pika’ but not a category of ‘pika’.